Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Builder


Customise your Smartlists…

Duration: Half Day


SmartList Builder takes the highly popular, easy-to-use SmartList tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP and dramatically increases its power and range so that you can create your own custom SmartLists.  And with the Excel Report Builder, you can create refreshable Microsoft Office Excel reports from multiple sources.


Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows and internal processes. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Who should attend: Anyone associated with managing enquiries and reporting eg accountants, assistant accountants.


What you will learn:

  • Create new SmartList objects by linking up to 32 tables, including those from third-party vendors. You'll be able to combine information from work, open, and history files. Import and export SmartList objects with XML.
  • Automatically generate Office Excel reports for all companies within your organization with the Excel Report Builder. Create reports for each company within a single Office Excel workbook, along with a summary sheet that contains the consolidations of the company worksheets.
  • Organize SmartLists more effectively by adding them to groups, matching the functionality of report grouping in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Download pre-configured SmartList objects from Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can use these modules to create sales summaries, track serial numbers and lot numbers, manage collections, create payrolls, and more.
  • Create calculated fields for SmartLists to analyze profits, calculate commissions, and more. View summary information such as sum, count, minimum, or maximum.
  • Add up to 32,000 fields to a SmartList. Display string fields as phone numbers, postal codes, or any other format you specify. Select fields to display by default or specify which fields to hide.
  • Add restrictions to show only specified records. Control the display of numbers, formatting them as negative values based on the value of another field. Display the notes or account representative for specified fields. New user-specific restrictions can be applied to all users or specific users.
  • Create "Go To" buttons to drill down to a window-including windows from any third-party product-or to open other SmartLists, Web sites, and files.
  • Make SmartLists easily available to multiple companies with a user-friendly multiple select list in SmartList Builder Options.


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