Microsoft Dynamics GP Requisition Manager - Business Portal


Use the web to enter requisitions…

Duration: Half Day


Help increase control and visibility over your entire purchasing process, reduce paperwork, and streamline approval processes. Equipped with Web-based requisition management capabilities, employees can enter purchase requisitions online for manager approval. Requisitions are then automatically transferred to Purchase Order Processing saving time and ensuring accuracy.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone associated with managing your inventory eg accountants, asst accountants, warehouse staff, appropriate clerks.


What you will learn:

  • Enter and submit purchase requests by creating a new requisition from scratch or by copying an existing requisition, helping to increase accuracy and efficiency for frequently ordered items.
  • Transferring approved requisitions to a new or existing purchase order in Purchase Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Combine multiple requisitions for the same item into a single purchase order line item to obtain better terms or volume discounts from vendors. Include both inventoried and non-inventoried items on requisitions.
  • Add comments to line items to add explanations or request further information.
  • Include measurement of commitments against budgets as part of your online, integrated requisition and approval processes.
  • Enable automatic e-mail alerts when a requisition is ready to be reviewed and then when it has been approved or requires modification.
  • Implement unlimited levels of approval hierarchy so you can match approval routing to your business practices. Users and roles can appear multiple times in the approval hierarchy, and approval requests can be submitted to multiple approvers.
  • Allow more than one person in the approval chain to approve a requisition to avoid delays that may ensue when the initial approver is out of the office.
  • Assign approval rights and limits by individual or by role. Demonstrate how managers can approve or reject requisitions, modify requisitions to include specific information such as item numbers or accounts, or return the requisition to the originator for more information.
  • Define approval hierarchies on a per company basis or use a single hierarchy for multiple companies.
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