Microsoft Dynamics GP Personnel Agency Module (PAM)


Greater Efficiencies and Productivity for your Personnel Agency…

Duration: 1 Day


This Personnel Agency Management Module (PAM) training from Professional Advantage is designed to help recruitment companies learn how to better track, bill and analyse their permanent and temporary placements to gain better control of their business.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone involved in using the Personnel Agency Module staffing solution


What you will learn:

  • Explore the unlimited number of invoice frequencies and formats that can be defaulted for the customer or on the job.
  • Identify the integration points between your front and back office systems.
  • Discover how to improve handling of customer inquiries by viewing all transactions via drill down and allowing information and invoices to match customer requirements.
  • Discover how to enter timesheets electronically by importing them from another system, via Web Based Time Entry or entered directly into PAM.
  • Explore the range of reporting and analysis variables available for reporting on sales and margin.
  • Discover how to manage multiple temps assigned to the same job, multiple salespeople assigned to the same job, or single jobs with multiple positions and pay rates.
  • Demonstrate how to Automatically calculate and post discounts.
  • View Purchase Order tracking and utilisation reporting.
  • Identify the Integration points between AP and AR and how this allows for Pay-when-Paid processing for contractors or third party vendors.
  • Create Direct Charges processing, for the allocation of Accounts Payable invoices.
  • Setup Multiple offices and business units to automatically allocate sales revenue in PAM and the General Ledger. 


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