Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management


A competitive advantage through managing key supplier relationships…

Duration: 1 Day


This course will cover entering invoices, credit notes and payments using a variety of methods.

You will also learn how to access detailed customer information and creditor data through the use of enquiries or reports.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Who should attend: Data entry clerks, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and anyone needing to understand Payables functionality.


What you will learn:

  • Introduce basic concepts and features in Payables Management and understand the basics of Payables Management setup.
  • Create and modify creditors' files as well as identify the default accounts and key fields that your company requires.
  • Process various types of transactions depending on your requirements, including Invoicing, credit notes and the advantages of using batches.
  • Place or release creditor and transactions holds.
  • Perform enquiries to view vendor history and summary information. Print a variety of reports to view information including the use of date ranges, report groups, smartlists, and adding report options to My Reports.
  • Enter, track and process scheduled payments transactions if required.
  • Process prepayment computer generated cheques.
  • Process direct payments, credit card payments, and hand written cheques. Process COD cheques.
  • Create a batch of creditors' invoices to be paid and process a cheque run. Look at specific issues and problems that can occur during a cheque run.
  • Create EFT creditors and then setup a batch of creditors' invoices to be paid and process an EFT payment run. Void transactions that are not paid or applied (open transactions).
  • Void paid or fully applied transactions (historical transactions).
  • Setup, enter and post Payables Intercompany transactions in the General Ledger if required. Undertake a vendor/debtor consolidation.


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