Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger


The hub for financial information…

Duration: 1 Day


General Ledger is the hub for financial information across your organisation. Throughout this course you will learn techniques and processes that can improve access to information, streamline and simplify complex General Ledger transaction entries, as well as improve the delivery and timing of your financials.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Who should attend: Data entry staff, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and anyone needing to understand GL functionality.


What you will learn:

  • Identify key features and benefits in General Ledger.
  • Use the setup windows to personalise General Ledger for the business.
  • Understand the various journal types and functions available including the use of standard journals, recurring journals, quick journals, reversing journals and copy/backing out and/ or correcting existing journals.
  • Enter GST transactions directly into the General Ledger.
  • Set up individual posting accounts for a chart of accounts. Set up unit accounts to track non-financial information. Assign labels to account segments.
  • Identify the most appropriate way to modify your Chart of Accounts whether single accounts or a range of accounts. Practice copying moving, deleting and inactivating a group of accounts.
  • Understand the function of account categories and how to modify them.
  • Identify whether allocations can be used to eliminate time consuming manual journals and if so, whether fixed or variable allocations should be setup.
  • Set up budgets for the chart of accounts transferring data between Excel and Dynamics GP.
  • Print a variety of reports to view information including the use of date ranges, report groups, smartlists, and adding report options to My Reports.
  • Reconcile by linking common transactions together using transaction matching.


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