Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Assets


Recording, Analysing and Tracking Your Assets…

Duration: Half Day


This course will give you the skills required to store and streamline your asset management, helping your organisation gain the insight needed to improve management decisions in a timely manner maintaining control over asset maintenance and depreciation, comprehensive reporting and enquiry skills are key skills covered throughout this course.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Who should attend: Anyone associated with managing your assets eg accountants, assist accountants, appropriate clerks.


What you will learn:

  • Identify and setup different asset books and different depreciation methods.
  • Setup Fixed Asset Classes and Account Groups.
  • Identify the most appropriate way to add assets purchased, including adding an asset from Payables Management.
  • Perform depreciation on individual assets or a range of assets. Identify the benefits and outcomes of projecting depreciation.
  • Manage the disposal of assets.
  • Locate information using various enquiry screens.
  • Print a variety of reports using the most efficient means eg date ranges, report groups, macros.


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