Microsoft Dynamics GP Collections Management


Improve your cash flow and reduce bad debts …

Duration: Half Day


Collections Management improves the efficiency of debt collection by centralising the customer contact and collections functions, allowing unlimited notes and automating the follow-up process. 

This product also permits streamlined printing, faxing and emailing of client letters, statements and invoices to customers.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone responsible for debt collection.


What you will learn:

  • Introduce basic concepts and features in Collections Management.
  • Setup new credit managers in the system and assign specific security access to the user.
  • Go through the basic processes necessary to perform daily routines and procedures to ensure efficient management of debtors. These include building queries of overdue debtors, attaching notes and assigning action types to invoices, and following up notes using a 'To Do List'.
  • Perform a variety of enquiries on debtors.
  • Understand how to store additional customer information in the system and perform queries on this information.
  • Print, fax and email invoices, statements and letters using MS Word from Collections Management.
  • Print reports based on a variety of queries.


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