Microsoft Dynamics GP Trinity


Build Successful Relationships, Manage Your Business, Reduce Costs …

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements.


If you are implementing a Trinity solution with your Dynamics GP application, ensure you fully understand the specialist distribution features and how these help maximize sales opportunities, build successful relationships with customers and vendors, reduce operating costs and automate processes.  There are a wide range of Trinity solutions that can streamline your wholesale distribution needs.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge.


Who should attend: Anyone implementing a Trinity solution.


What you will learn:


  • Learn how to maximize sales revenue by using up-sell/cross-sell techniques through the ability to quickly identify a customer's typical buying patterns.
  • Discover how to improve productivity by utilizing fast and accurate search tools.
  • Set up customer specific pricing information that takes full account of true inventory cost to enhance accurate margin management.
  • Develop advanced forecasting skills to enable you to meet customer needs without overstocking.
  • Learn how to implement a wide range of advanced Sales Order features.
  • Setup workflow processes that will help improve warehouse efficiencies.
  • Build efficient delivery processes to ensure you maintain the most cost efficient use of your vehicle fleet.
  • Discover how integration tools can facilitate the development of customer self-service solutions.
  • Understand what is required in providing inventory availability information online.
  • Examine business process automation techniques, process controls, workflow and tracking and auditing functionality.


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