Microsoft Dynamics GP Smartfill


Improve Your Lookup Capabilities…

Duration: 1 Day


Put aside some time to review Smartfill's capabilities and you be glad you invested in an enhanced user experience. SmartFill is a simple search engine that allows you to type part of a name into an id field and it will return a result for you without having to go to the lookup field.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone who wishes to enhance team collaboration


What you will learn:


  • Demonstrate the benefits of easy lookup for customers who have non sequential numbering schemes.
  • Discover how to type in account names where you don't know the account number or wish to avoid the lookup. This is particularly beneficial where companies have lengthy account numbers or where many zeros are used in the account sequence.
  • Review the areas that SmartFill can be used including Customers, Vendors and Account fields.
  • Identify less obvious areas to search by including areas such as phone, address, name or city.
  • Demonstrate the ability of SmartFill to use both Begins With and Contains search functionality.
  • Improve the ability of new staff to feel comfortable using Dynamics GP as they can type in the information they know rather than having to search large volumes of data. 
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