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Enhance your Dynamics Application with a Range of Professional Advantage Products…

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Professional Advantage is committed to enhancing you Dynamics GP application through the development, training and consulting in of a range of innovative products. Some of those solutions have been acquired from Professional Advantage and are now distributed globally by Microsoft. Dynamics GP enhancements that are still available directly from Professional Advantage include:

  • BankPro
  • EmailPro
  • National Accounts
  • Multi Company
  • Company Data Archive
  • PA System Tools
  • Analysis Cubes for Wennsoft Job Cost and Service Management

What you will learn

  • BankPro - Discover how this application interacts with your current banking software and incorporates the facility to pay creditors electronically, download an electronic bank statement from your bank enabling automated reconciliation and the automatic deposit of Cash Receipt batches for reconciliation.
  • EmailPro - Learn how this application integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and discover how it integrates with your email system to send batches of Remittance Advices, Purchase Orders and Sales Order Processing documents, saving you both time and expense.
  • National Accounts - Discover how National Accounts provides the ability to define a national account relationship between multiple customers in Dynamics GP. It enables a customer to be defined as the 'parent' account to which 'child' customers may be added. This allows a payment received from a parent company to be applied across any child customers' payments and enables credit documents to also be applied from a child customer to any other member of the national account.
  • Multi Company - Discover why Multi-Company alleviates the need for multiple GP databases to be setup to support multiple companies within an organization using Microsoft Dynamics GP. This allows multiple companies to reside in the one database, but still providing inter-company type controls to ensure only valid cross-company entries are posted, and to automatically add the balancing entries via company from/to control accounts.
  • Company Data Archive - Company Data Archive (CDA) provides an easy way to move historical information from a "live" company to another "archive" company. Learn how to archive data effectively reducing the size of the live company database and improving system performance while posting, running reports, performing file maintenance and day-to-day use of the system.
  • PA System Tools - Learn how to improve your internal management of Dynamics GP by adding auto logout functionality, lockout options for scheduled maintenance, inactivity logout, product and module version tracking and alerts, and the ability to report on changes within your technical environment.
  • Analysis Cubes for Wennsoft Job Cost and Service Management: Discover the power and flexibility of Wennsoft Analysis Cubes using Excel to provide insight into business trends around billed and unbilled revenue, Work in Progress (WIP), margins and profitability analysis. 


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