Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager


The Power to Easily Integrate Data…

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements.


Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP offers you powerful integration capabilities giving you quick and easy access to virtually all of your external data. This utility will put difficult-to-obtain financial information at your fingertips-checked, verified and ready to use.  


Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows and basic accounting. Has an understanding of different types of import files including Text and Excel.


Who should attend: Anyone who will need to import data from an external source into their financial system.


What you will learn:

  • Easily map external data fields to fields within Microsoft Dynamics GP without underlying knowledge of the data structures or tables.
  • Learn how to define a source for the integration by either using an existing source or creating a new one from both single and multiple data sources.
  • Import data from virtually any database or desktop application, including comma- and tab-delimited text files, XML, and most open database connectivity (ODBC) data sources.
  • Schedule data integrations from other systems on a continuous basis. Verify the accuracy and integrity of external data by processing all imported data through a series of business objects encapsulating Microsoft Dynamics GP business logic.
  • Upgrade your integrations easily from version to version.
  • Open the log file once the integration has been run to determine whether the data validation process has encountered any errors.
  • Use intuitive drag-and-drop tools to define your integration. Easy to- use mapping features enable you to transfer and integrate data painlessly.
  • Discover how to convert data between systems through the data translation feature.
  • Customize data processing to your specific needs before, during, or after an integration run with advanced SQL Server query support and built-in Microsoft VBScript. Take advantage of the eConnect adapter in Integration Manager to more easily extend and adapt your integrations.
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