Microsoft Dynamics GP Forecaster


Add power and flexibility to your budgeting process…

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements


Realize the benefits of a fully integrated budgeting and planning solution designed to help organizations create and execute accurate, realistic budgets. Microsoft Forecaster provides your people with immediate control of the entire budgeting and planning process, helping ensure that you meet yearly business goals efficiently and cost-effectively. 


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone who wishes to enhance their budgeting capabilities


What you will learn:

  • View and analyze reports and budgets.
  • Complete detailed planning of account balances for major aspects of your business.
  • Budget employee assets in multiple scenarios by adding more detailed budgeting data for specific personnel, with salary planning worksheets and flexible salary arrangements.
  • Manage both the expense and depreciation of planned capital purchases with ease when going through the budget process for your business models.
  • Maintain control over your revenue forecasting process by making adjustments at any time to accommodate budgetary and planning changes.
  • Use flexible input screens to define different periods from multiple time periods and create calculated columns such as variances between plans. Design templates to deliver the relevant information to the right people in the organization.
  • View your business from the top down with easy-to-manipulate scenarios and high-level views that enable you to quickly see the impact of the changes on the planning process.
  • Quickly modify Microsoft FRx reports by adding your Microsoft Forecaster accounts and book codes.
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