Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender


Increase visibility into data and tailor data entry…

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements


Capture information that meets your needs and make fast, easy modifications without writing code. Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP incorporates powerful features that enable you to link additional windows, expand notes and macros, and easily launch ad hoc queries based on the new business information that you've collected.


Prerequisites:  Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone who wishes to fine tune their interface to capture the data you need.


What you will learn:

  • Learn how to assign multiple windows to any form and gain instant access to lookups and sub-forms as you work. Easily attach new data entry windows, notes windows, and even new inquiry windows to existing Microsoft Dynamics GP windows-without writing a line of code.
  • View windows that enable you to track multiple transactional line items for a master record.
  • Practice fast data entry and navigation by automatically opening and closing extra windows as you navigate through a form and apply window templates to set default values for fields.
  • Create windows Groups to enable users to open multiple Extender notes, windows, or detail windows from a single menu item. Setup User conditions to ensure that windows open automatically.
  • Move or swap fields on an Extender window or detail window while maintaining the integrity of your data.
  • Track specific issues by attaching multiple notes to any Microsoft Dynamics GP window. Export notes to Office Excel, build note-based inquiries, and create read-only notes.
  • Discover how to consolidate views of information from Microsoft Dynamics GP tables and Extender windows, combining them into a concise, comprehensible format.
  • Maintain data integrity by removing Extender records when corresponding Dynamics GP records are removed. Records are also removed when Extender windows are deleted.
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