Microsoft Dynamics GP Audit Trails - Electronic Signatures


Take a process-oriented approach to managing risk…

Duration: Completed as a consulting exercise and will vary based on client requirements


By incorporating controls, tracking, and reporting into your business processes and bringing together silos of information, Audit Trail and Electronic Signatures help to reduce fraud and unintentional asset misplacement. 


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone interested in the effective maintenance, administration and control of their system.


What you will learn:

  • Audit Trails: Activate only those areas of the system that your organization requires to ensure efficient audit database management and enable easy reporting on the change history.
  • SmartView provides a user-friendly report tool similar to Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists which can be customized to generate employee-specific reports.
  • Store audit trails in a separate database from your software's production database, so you can implement strong controls and procedures compliant with auditor requirements.
  • Meet regulatory requirements by reassembling the history of data changes, including the before and after data values associated with the change. Audit Trails enables you to comply with stringent regulatory controls, while easily reconstructing change histories.
  • A fully integrated auditing solution supports regulatory requirements. Audit Trails is designed to manage a large database of transaction information while operating as a closed system environment.
  • If a fraud is perpetrated in the system, and data is changed directly through accessing the tables in the production Microsoft® SQL Server® database, Audit Trails captures these changes.
  • You can set an audit on fields and tables that are activated when any change occurs, or when pre-set conditions are met during a data change.
  • Electronic Signatures: An electronic signature links to a Microsoft Dynamics GP system user ID. The Microsoft Dynamics GP system does not allow duplicate user IDs.
  • Assign authority to approve a change electronically to one or more individuals. Individuals may be authorized to act as an approver for multiple changes across the system.
  • Strategically activate Electronic Signatures only for those areas required by your business. Simple and secure setup windows allow activation only for processes specified for signature control.
  • Efficiently manage a large database of transaction information within a closed system environment, as defined by regulations.
  • Electronic Signatures can be used in combination with Audit Trails. Authorized signers can provide approval either onsite or remotely via system notification and response.
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