Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Accounting


Control Project Costs and Reporting…

Duration: Up to 2 Full Days but will and will vary based on client requirements.


This course will focus on Streamlining project management within your organisation and giving your people the tools they need to complete projects on time and on budget. Project Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 simplifies project management by providing project controls, a full financial overview, and real-time integration with supply chain and financial management processes.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge.


Who should attend: Anyone involved in staff recruitment.


What you will learn:

  • Create your own hierarchical work breakdown structure and role tailored access to information and tasks.
  • Manage cost control by summarizing actual cost, committed cost, and remaining budget to discover total expected cost, and compare with the original budget.
  • Learn how to issue stock onto a project.
  • Create a project forecast directly from a project quotation.
  • Setup pre-defined pricing on employees/expenses by project or by employee role/function.
  • Utilise validation of employees/categories on projects - for better control of who sees what when capturing time and expenses.
  • Charge travel-related expenses against specific projects with Expense Management.
  • Capture timesheets over the web or rich client and review the timesheet approval workflow capability.
  • Adjust transactions before releasing a final invoice. Create and edit invoice proposals for hours, expenses, items, sales orders, fees, subscriptions, advance and deduction payments, or milestones.
  • Combine all project types in the same project tree, including time and materials, fixed price, and internal projects like investment, cost, and time projects.
  • Discover the range of revenue recognition capabilities and WIP options available.
  • Utilise the bi-directional integration functionality between Dynamics AX and Office Project Server 2007 for projects, activities and tasks.
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