Microsoft Dynamics AX Production


Visibility Throughout the Entire Supply Chain…

Duration: 1 Day


Learn how to reduce time to market and respond quickly to changing customer demands with this course on Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Discover how you can gain a real-time insight into business and supply chain information-including inventory, warehouse, and production helping you to optimize production flow. This can be achieved by learning how to plan effectively, maximize resource utilization, drive accurate delivery performance, and streamline business processes.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge.


Who should attend: Anyone involved in production or stock control.


What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the core concepts in Production.
  • Review the setup and maintenance of bills of materials and discuss the impact of production parameters at the company and site level.
  • Create working time calendars and work centres. Describe how to define operational scheduling, efficiency and exclusivity settings on work centres and work centre groups.
  • Learn how to create a route that is based on a series of sequential operations for an efficient production schedule.
  • Discover how the various scheduling options can be applied and review the use of subcontracting for outsourcing.
  • Examine the options for releasing orders to the shop floor, recording consumption of raw materials and reporting as finished.
  • Look at how to calculate and manage scrap in production processes.
  • Review the steps in the production life cycle and the ledger postings that these result in.
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