Sun5.4/Sun6 Technical Architecture


Duration: 1 Day - scheduled on demand


Prerequisite: No knowledge of SunSystems is assumed. Basic knowledge of the SQL environment is assumed.


Who should attend: Those responsible for maintaining database system such as IT personnel.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Describe and work with the SunSystems FMS Architecture and technical configuration
  • Perform regular SunSystems maintenance tasks


Course Content - SunSystems v5.4 Technical Architecture


Overview of the SunSystems Architecture

  • 3-Tier versus 2-Tier installations
  • The Application Server, Database Server and Client machines
  • Working with Global Security
  • The SunSystems database structure

SunSystems Technical Configuration

  • SunSystems, Infor Q&A and PA services and accounts
  • Integrated security and database permissions
  • Application file structure permissions
  • Upgrading existing software applications
  • Applying serialisations

SunSystems Technical Administration and Application Configuration

  • Using SunSystems User Manager
  • Windows Authentication
  • Using PA Authentication
  • Creating PA application users
  • PA applications and token security

SQL Server 2008 Administration

  • Database recovery models
  • Database maintenance plans
  • Troubleshooting - SQL connectivity
  • Troubleshooting - Profiler Trace
  • SunSystems maintenance functions
  • Running a Database restore SQL script
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