Sun5.4/Sun6 Fixed Assets


Duration: ½ Day


Prerequisite: SunSystems Financial concepts. Some understanding of Asset Depreciation.


Who should attend: Any user required to manage your company's assets.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Apply the principles for setting up the module
  • Create and process asset transactions
  • Identify the different methods of depreciation
  • Dispose of an asset
  • Report on asset transactions and balances


Course Content - Fixed Assets for SunSystems v5.4 & v6


Structuring the Ledger

  • Overview of SunSystems Fixed Assets
  • Defining the rules for your Asset Register
  • Using depreciation timing rules
  • Analysing assets in the Asset Register

Setting up the Asset Register

  • Creating new asset records
  • Creating and maintaining asset notes
  • Maintaining asset posting presets
  • Defining journal types and journal presets for asset entries
  • Using Journal Entry to record the purchase of a new asset
  • Understanding the use of asset indicators
  • Working through an asset take on example








Depreciating and Revaluing Assets

  • Examining the depreciation methods available within SunSystems
  • How is the depreciation amount calculated?
  • Depreciation calculation options
  • Running calculate depreciation
  • Manually entering depreciation
  • Asset revaluation

Additional Functionality

  • Defining and maintaining Asset Budget Records
  • Creating an Asset Class


Disposal of Assets

  • What is asset disposal?
  • The stages of asset disposal
  • Selecting assets for disposal
  • Running asset disposal to automatically dispose of assets

Asset Inquiries and Reports

  • Performing an asset inquiry
  • Running an asset register report
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