Query & Analysis Word for SunSystems


Duration: 1 Day - Scheduled on Demand


Prerequisite: Knowledge of SunSystems concepts. Basic understanding  of MS Word.


Who should attend: New users who need to design financial reports in Microsoft Word.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Extract reference data into an MS Word document
  • Extract monetary or physical balances
  • Copy Q&A formulas
  • Define the filter criteria of multiple cells
  • Use Equation Editor to include a total
  • Save a query as a template
  • Create a Merge document


Course Content - Q&A Word v10+ for SunSystems


Extracting SunSystems Reference Data

  • Defining Detail & Reference Link Reports
  • Assigning Bookmark Names

Extracting Values from SunSystems

  • Creating a Summary Link Report
  • Modifying a Target Name
  • Managing Q&A Word bookmarks
  • Using Table Formula Copy and Define Criteria features
  • Including a total using Equation Editor
  • Creating rules using Document Rule Manager




Combing Q&A Word Functions

  • Combining Q&A Word Functions
  • Moving data items
  • Creating Formula Fields
  • Creating a Header and Footer
  • Creating a Profit & Loss Statement
    in MS Word


Merging Documents

  • Creating a Data Source File
  • Creating a Main Document
  • Adding Merge Fields
  • Starting the Merge Process
  • Removing Merge Fields


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