Query & Analysis Introduction to Q&A XL Financials


Duration: 1 Day


Prerequisite: Knowledge of SunSystems concepts. Basic understanding of MS Excel.


Who should attend: New users who need to design or maintain basic Q&A XL reports and import data into SunSystems Financials. New and existing users upgrading from Vision XL v5. Note:  As Q&A XL 10 and Vision XL v6 are very  similar, Vision XL v6 users with a good working  knowledge of the topics listed below may benefit  from attending the Q&A XL Advanced course.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will  be competent in the following:

  • Extract reference data into an Excel worksheet
  • Extract monetary or physical balances
  • Create user defined data items
  • Drill down on data associated with formulas
  • Create format tables
  • Send reference details to SunSystems
  • Create a transaction import file
  • Use offline formulas


Course Content - Q&A XL v10+ Introduction for SunSystems

Introduction and Overview

  • Logging in and navigating Q&A XL
  • Customising Q&A XL
  • Opening existing Vision XL 6
    worksheets in Q&A XL

Extracting SunSystems Reference

  • Designing reports to extract
    reference data
  • Using basic wildcard filters
  • Saving Q&A XL reports as
  • Internal and external definition files
  • Using the Automatic Filter Lookup

Extracting Transactions and Balances

  • Designing reports to extract transactions and balances
  • Using basic Extraction Types
  • Creating User Defined Outputs to replace manual calculations
  • Opening Q&A XL reports using Function Launcher
  • Creating a Format Table
  • Drilling down on reports to a summary or transaction level
  • Outputting/printing drill results
  • Switching on Offline Formulas

Sending Data To SunSystems

  • Overview of the Data Send Process
  • Setting up a worksheet for importing data into SunSystems
  • Understanding layout identifiers
  • Importing transactions and reference data using Transfer Desk
  • Rules of Ledger Import
  • Performing a multi-period Ledger Import



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