Query & Analysis Introduction to Q&A Executive


Duration: 1 Day


Prerequisite: Knowledge of SunSystems concepts.


Who should attend: New users who need to design or maintain Q&A Executive reports. New and existing users upgrading from Vision Executive v5. Note: As Q&A Executive 10 and Vision Executive v6 are very similar, Vision Executive v6 users with a good working knowledge of the topics listed below may benefit from attending the Q&A Executive Advanced course.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Create and format workbooks and worksheets
  • Design reports in the Query Definition form
  • Use the drill tree
  • Extract queries 
  • Create Query Prompts
  • Use the drill down, expand & breakout functions to analyse data
  • Save a drill path and drill results
  • Print and output Executive results


Course Content - Q&A Executive v10+ Introduction for SunSystems

Introduction and Overview

  • Q&A Executive Process
  • Working with workbooks and
  • Executive Screen Layout

Creating Query Definitions

  • Working in Designer Mode
  • Query Definition Types
  • Editing the filter criteria of multiple cells using Define Criteria
  • Formatting a Report
  • Creating Headers & Footers
  • Using Criteria View & Defined Settings
  • Controlling Extraction Order
  • Creating a Summary Profit & Loss


Dynamic Queries with Report Prompting

  • About Query Prompt Mode
  • Creating a Period Prompt

Analysing Query Results

  • Analysing data in Extract Mode
  • Drilling down on summary formulas
  •  Using and maintaining Drill Profiles
    and Drill Paths
  • Viewing Active Selection Statistics
  • Performing a Transaction and
    Specialised Drilldown
  • Using the Expand and Breakout
  • Analysis feature

Printing & Outputting Files

  • Output Methods
  • Setting a Print Area
  • Outputting to a Printer
  • Outputting to Excel


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