Query & Analysis Executive for SunSystems - Extracting & Analysing Reports


Duration: ½ Day - Scheduled on Demand


Prerequisite: Some knowledge of internal reporting structures.


Who should attend: Users who are responsible for running and analysing existing Q&A Executive reports.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Log into and navigate around Q&A Executive
  • Work with Primary and Dependant worksheets
  • Review report settings
  • Analyse report results



Course Content - Q&A Executive v10+ for SunSystems - Extracting & Analysing Reports



Overview of Q&A Executive

  • Logging into Q&A Executive Query
  • Working within Q&A Executive Query

Extracting Reports

  • Extracting Primary worksheets
  • Extracting Dependant worksheets
  • Extracting sample reports
  • Creating charts in Executive Query
  • Using Defined Settings & Criteria View to review report settings
  • Creating Preset Workbooks

Analysing Reports

  • Using Active Selection Statistics
  • Performing a Drilldown
  • Performing a Transaction Drilldown
  • Using Specialised Drilldown
  • Creating & Maintaining Drill Profiles
  • Creating & Maintaining Drill Paths
  • Using Expand analysis
  • Using a Breakout analysis
  • Using Cube analysis
  • Archiving workbooks

Printing & Outputting Reports

  • Output methods
  • Printing reports
  • Setting a Print Area
  • Output to Microsoft Office







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