Query & Analysis Budget Management v10+


Duration: 1 Day - scheduled on demand


Prerequisite: Knowledge of SunSystems concepts. An understanding of your company's budget structure. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Who should attend: Users responsible for budgeting activities within the company.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Use Q&A Budget Management to control the entire budgeting process for your organisation.


Course Content - Q&A Budget Management v10+ SunSystems

Introduction and Overview

  • Overview of Q&A Budget Management
  • Q&A Budget Management and Q&A XL
  • The Q&A Budget Management process flow

Budget Templates and Q&A Executive Reports

  • Creating a budget template file
  • Creating a budget transfer file
  • Q&A Executive reports

Q&A Budget Management Global Settings

  • Starting Q&A Budget Management
  • Working with the Q&A Budget Management Interface
  • Managing Users
  • Managing Contacts
  • Using Workbook Status Codes
  • Selecting a Balance Method

Creating the Budget Structure

  • Loading MS Excel templates
  • Creating a database profile
  • Creating a new budget
  • Allocating users to a budget
  • Creating a normal budget group & workbook
  • Using Workbook Utility Manager
  • Managing Budget Security
  • Using the Grid View
  • Adding Reports and Documents
  • Enabling Auditing
  • Adding workbook Notes

Working with Budgets

  • Dispatching workbooks
  • Adding Budget amounts to workbooks
  • Receiving and importing workbooks
  • Changing the status on a workbook
  • Validating workbooks
  • Transferring to the Data Warehouse and viewing the data transferred
  • Amending data
  • Changing Budget version numbers, creating an Budget structure

Additional Tools and Features

  • Amending the budget structure
  • Creating User Defined fields
  • Adding User Defined fields to the budget structure
  • Creating and applying budget Filters
  • Creating user defined Status codes
  • Printing budget details
  • Issuing Reminders

Budget Management Administration

  • Backing up the budget structure
  • Clearing Budget Management data and transactions
  • Restoring from backup


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