Collect v5 For Administrators


Executive Financials for SunSystems - AdvancedDuration: 1 Day - scheduled on demand


Prerequisite: No prior SunSystems knowledge is assumed. An understanding of internal procedures would be advantageous.


Who should attend: Any user who is responsible for debt collection for their organisation, as well as the maintenance of the Collect system.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Use Collect for regular debt collection activities
  • Create and maintain debtor contact letters
  • Define basic Collect maintenance functions
  • Create allocation descriptions
  • Create and use search sets
  • Create and maintain account details
  • Set up a to-do list
  • Produce reports to analyse data


Course Content - Collect v5 for Administrators for SunSystems


Introduction and Overview

  • Creating new payment notes
  • Using to-do lists
  • Running search sets
  • Generating debtor statements

Creating New Customer Letters

  • Creating new letters in MS Word for use in a search set


Maintaining Collect Details

  • Creating new action codes
  • Defining new contact categories
  • Creating address & contact details for debtor accounts
  • Categorising journal types
  • Defining journal type and source
  • Maintaining invoice & statement details
  • Defining allocation descriptions and search sets
  • Defining statement ageing
  • Defining invoice calculation columns
  • Using integrated systems
  • Defining DSP analysis maintenance
  • Maintaining run history records
  • Copying action codes
  • Customising Collect options

Additional Features

  • Viewing account statistics
  • Drilling down to transaction details
  • Splitting transactions
  • Archiving notes
  • Using search sets to update allocation markers
  • Updating account analysis codes & account status in SunSystems using collect Account Analysis Update
  • Adding attachments & emailing notes
  • Reprinting invoices
  • Using the to-do calendar
  • Finding an account

Collect Reporting

  • Ageing summary and ageing details report
  • Debt recovery analysis report
  • DSO reporting

 Active Task Maintenance

  • Active task maintenance process flow
  • Scheduling the running of a search set
  • Activating a scheduled job

Collect User Security

  • Creating functional security definitions and data set groups


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