Bank Reconciliation for SunSystems


Duration: ½ Day


Prerequisite: Basic SunSystems concepts. An understanding of the Bank Reconciliation process.


Who should attend: Any SunSystems user who is responsible for a company's bank reconciliation. The course is aimed at first time users.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Setup Bank Reconciliation to streamline the reconciliation process
  • Import electronic bank statements
  • Enter manual bank statements
  • Understand different methods of reconciling bank statement transactions
  • Process and understand the Bank Reconciliation report


Course Content - Bank Reconciliation for SunSystems


Introduction to Bank Reconciliation

  • Introduction and overview
  • Summary of features
  • Working in different operating modes
  • Setup and processing flow for importing statements

Bank Reconciliation Setup Parameters

  • Defining your organisation's bank account details
  • Using global options to set the tax label text
  • Creating journal presets for journal posting in Bank Reconciliation
  • Defining the selection criteria for automatic matching
  • Setting the matching rules for automatic matching
  • Understanding the matching rules installed with Bank Reconciliation
  • Setting your personal processing options using local options

Processing with Bank Reconciliation

  • Importing an electronic bank statement and running automatic matching
  • Manually matching unmatched transactions
  • Splitting transactions to be matched
  • Un-matching a matched transaction
  • Re-running automatic matching
  • Creating a manual statement
  • Editing bank statements
  • Deleting bank statements


Inquiries and Reports

  • Running the bank statement report
  • Producing a Bank Reconciliation report
  • Performing an allocation inquiry



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