Do you want to refocus on your IT strategy & make a real difference to the business?

At Professional Advantage we can help you focus on what's important, your business, while we safely manage your IT operations. The benefits of Hosting & Managed Services are not only financial and technical; it also frees you up to focus on the important things.

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Our 10 years' experience providing Hosting & Managed Services enables us to provide customers with a secure, flexible and redundant architecture at an affordable price, while maintaining maximum 'uptime' and application delivery to the end user.

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The main benefits of Hosting & Managed Services include:

  • Reducing your capital expenditure and upfront costs because you'll only pay for what you use with a simple monthly fee
  • Eliminating downtime risks, simple and flexible upgrades & maintenance, power savings compared to on premise technology
  • Achieving best practice design with best of breed technology from VMware, Microsoft, Cisco and HP
  • Increased uptime, resilience, security, redundancy & support
  • Improved scalability & rapid deployment for additional users as the company grows
  • Reducing overall IT system ownership costs
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Professional Advantage is proud to provide a focused business application environment offering enterprise class, highly available infrastructure with a focus on simplicity, performance, security and uptime.