Embedded Performance Support

Embedded Performance Support improves employee productivity

Imagine a 25% decrease in application helpdesk demand in your business. Such a significant decrease could signal a couple of very important achievements. 

  • Your employees are more confident and competent in using your business applications correctly.
  • As people change roles and new people join the team, your staff is able to learn and use your business systems effectively from day one. 

This can improve your customer and employee satisfaction levels, as well as impact your productivity and bottom line. 

But what is Embedded Performance Support exactly?

Embedded Performance Support is a method of guidance and job assistance for software users. It's seamlessly connected to a business application that guides you when you need help. This guidance can consist of digital processes, procedure documentation, job aids, quick references, and videos. Basically, anything you can use as a self service to find out what to do next in a specific task or instruction. 

What does Embedded Performance Support do?

Embedded Performance Support delivers effective user adoption by helping you use software as optimally as intended. You no longer struggle to get the precise help you need when you need it. Embedded Performance Support over comes problems with traditional approaches, such as instructor led training and e-learning, which typically deliver too much guidance too early. As a result, most of the training is forgotten by the time you need it. 

"Increasing performance and productivity, and doing it efficiently, may be the most important challenge 21st century organisations face. Business and technological forces are compelling major changes in how learning and performance are perceived and practiced, as well as how work itself gets done. As jobs become more complex, workers not only need better and faster access to knowledge as they do their work, they require direct performance support. 

Marc J Rosenberg PHD, The eLearning Guild

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Why you need Embedded Performance Support

1. Business application users across your organisation need regular, accurate guidance and support on how to use your systems correctly.

2. People learn differently, so different users require different types of content to best help them. Some people like job aids and quick reference sheets, others prefer “how to” videos.

3. Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) need an easy, intuitive way of creating documentation that describes the correct way to use your system in all situations. This documentation should come in all forms and be automatically embedded within your business application.

4. Your SMEs need a system that makes it easy to update this documentation. This ensures changes are fully reflected across the spectrum of usage, from User Acceptance Testing to eLearning, and process simulation videos to desktop job aids.

Competent user adoption is a key part of the service quality that your customers expect. Over the years, both instructor-led and computer based training have proven to be inefficient. Research has shown that more than 70% of training is lost if not applied within the first couple of days. On-the-job handovers between staff members are shown to degrade knowledge and skill by more than 25% at each transfer.

Embedded Performance Support answers a user’s “how to” and “what next” questions in the moment of need, regardless of the application they are using. The custom application content created to support a user, is automatically coded with the exact position in the application where it applies. So when a user selects “help”, they are taken to all the places in the library relevant to the current task and field. They can see the fully contextualised instructions for completing the step, both as a dynamic online job aid and as a micro training “show me – try me – test me” video series.

Embedded Performance Support radically reduces calls to your application helpdesk, disruption of competent colleagues and managers in the vicinity, and the errors, omissions and reworks caused by poor staff skill and knowledge.

We can help you reduce your application helpdesk demand by 25% or more with our PerformancePlus embedded performance support solution.