Discover the benefits of working in a collaborative Windows Sharepoint environment…

Duration: 1 day


Prerequisite: Windows knowledge


Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to enhance team collaboration


What You Will Learn:  Learn how the Sharepoint range of Products and Technologies can expand your capabilities beyond traditional portal and dashboard offerings to provide interactive Business Intelligence portals that put live information at users fingertips in a centrally managed, easy to customise platform.


Course Content

  • Understand the role and functionality differences between the three key sharepoint product offerings.
  • Explore all the key elements of a typical sharepoint homepage including how to login and how to view, add, update or delete announcements.
  • Discover how to add and work with a calendar
  • Add or modify links including modifying columns.
  • Understand the role of libraries including the uploading of documents, version control, checking documents in/out and working with documents offline.
  • Keep pace with changes on the website by subscribing to alerts
  • Work with pictures and images by adding picture libraries, modifying site images and adding web parts.
  • Discover the interactive components that include the use of discussion boards, wikis, blogs, surveys and subscribing to RSS feeds.
  • Learn how to customise SharePoint which includes the modification of titles, descriptions, icons, navigation bars, themes and web parts.
  • Experiment with site creation techniques from creating a blank page to adding child sites, document workspaces and site templates.
  • Review security tasks including adding users, groups, restrictions and permissions

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