Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials - Accounts Payable


A competitive advantage through managing key supplier relationships…

Duration: Half Day


This course will cover entering invoices, credit notes and payments using a variety of methods. You will also learn how to access detailed creditor data through the use of enquiries or reports.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Who should attend: Data entry clerks, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and anyone needing to understand Payables functionality.


What you will learn:

  • Introduce basic concepts and features in Payables Management and understand the basics of Payables Management setup.
  • Create and modify global address book entries and creditor records.
  • Discuss what each journal is used for and how transactions are entered.
  • Review the various methods to enter and approve invoices.
  • Explore the use of voucher templates to minimize re-keying of data.
  • Create a Payment Proposal to easily pay multiple invoices for one or more vendors.
  • Discover how to pay invoices in multiple companies using AX2009 Centralised Payments.
  • Generate cheque and electronic payments.
  • Describe the invoice matching process.
  • Edit open transactions or reverse a closed transaction.
  • Review foreign exchange transactions and the periodic exchange adjustment process.
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