Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM


Manage your greatest resource more efficiently…

Duration: 1 Day


Learn how to keep and grow customers by gathering all of the company's business information and keeping it structured and easily accessible.  Discover how you can track leads and opportunities and assign tasks to sales staff for timely follow-up.


Prerequisites: Windows knowledge.


Who should attend: Anyone who has direct contact with customers, including sales and customer service personnel.


What you will learn:

  • Introduction to CRM.
  • Define rules for each step in the lead qualification process. Record information about a lead and track each step in qualification process.
  • Learn how to collect information on prospects. Create, develop, and close sales.
  • Define sales processes. Capture and document details of processes.
  • Discover how to speed up data entry by importing external lists, contacts and leads and create targeted campaigns faster.
  • Look at defining responsibilities to help in the coordination of efforts. Assign activity deadlines to correct date/time for each user.
  • Review the use of Enterprise Portal to increase efficiency by allowing access to information regardless of location.
  • Examine the Global Address Book and how it simplifies the sharing of customer, vendor and other information across entities in the organisation.
  • Discover Global Address Book functionality.


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