Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Planner


Simplify and improve your demand planning process…

Duration: 1 Day


The performance of your business depends to a large extent upon the quality of the demand plan. Poor forecasting can lead to insufficient, or unnecessarily high finished good stocks, unused raw materials, misused production assets and low margins. Demand Planner will take you through the forecasting and demand analysis processes to ensure you are able to navigate through a range of business pressures including evolving markets, increased pressure on product lifecycles, increased global competition, and business turmoil help you build a competitive advantage.


Prerequisites: An understanding of your company's customers, markets and products.


Who should attend: Anyone wishing to improve their planning and forecasting capabilities.


What you will learn:

  • Review previous year data to help determine business wide goals and objectives for the new year.
  • Create projections and simulate possible variations based on differing scenarios.
  • Compare actual to forecast on a rolling quarter basis. Update the forecast by assessing errors and applying corrections as required.
  • Discover how to enhance the quality of forecasts leading to a reduced planning cycle and more up to date, clean data.
  • Create a team environment that collaborates more effectively in the planning processes.
  • Use hierarchies to aggregate/disaggregate data and indicator statistics.
  • Modify indicators to aggregate through a range of indicators including maximum, minimum, sum or average functions.
  • Experiment with a range of statistical algorithms including moving average, single exponential smoothing, double exponential smoothing, winters and linear regression.
  • Plan according to the three dimensional models of Products, Time and Markets. Learn how to apply formulas to indicators for greater flexibility.
  • Create templates to display forecasting data at a given level in an appropriate manner. Graph data using a range of formats. 



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