Microsoft Dynamics AX Atlas XL


Flexible data imports and reporting in Excel…

Duration: 1 Day


Learn how to prepare reports, extract transactions, from selected Dynamics AX elements (such as accounts, assets, inventory items and dimensions).  Prepare and import ledger, account payable, inventory, accounts receivable and project journals, budgets and forecasts.  Add or update main table items such as vendors, customers, items, projects and ledger accounts.


Prerequisites: Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and financial reporting.


Who should attend: Anyone involved in the preparation of reports or upload of data into Dynamics AX.


What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Atlas xl, its setup and uses.
  • Review Excel tips and tricks relevant to Atlas xl reporting.
  • Examine some of the AX views provided with Atlas xl and how they can be used in building reports.
  • Build a trial balance with columns for month to date, year to date and previous year.
  • Look at different options for reporting incorporating financial dimensions into reporting.
  • Explore the additional functionality available with Atlas reporting, including transaction and voucher drill-down.
  • Learn how to upload budgets, general journals, expense journals or vendor invoice journals.
  • Discover how to use Atlas xl to perform a mass update of existing records, or upload of new data.
  • Gain an understanding of methods of troubleshooting Atlas reporting and uploads.


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