Microsoft Dynamics AX Advanced Document Management


Word documents …

Duration: 1 Day


Learn how to generate quotations, delivery documentation, customer letters, production plans and other documentation as Word documents from Dynamics AX.


Prerequisites: Knowledge of Microsoft Word. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Who should attend: Anyone needing to output documents from Dynamics AX not supported by the standard application.


What you will learn:

  • Overview of the features offered by advanced document management and potential uses.
  • Demonstrate the ease with which documents can be generated once configured.
  • Review Word concepts and create a document template.
  • Build an AX Query for use with advanced document management.
  • Setup a document type with table and field references that map to fields in the word document template.
  • Learn how to populate a word document table with multiple records in an AX table such as quotation lines or customer invoices.
  • Discover how to populate Word document properties with information from Dynamics AX.
  • Troubleshoot problems with documents and update existing documents based on new requirements.



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