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Duration: 1 Day


To maximise the profitability of your business, you need accurate, current, and easy-to-access data about every costing detail related to a job. Job Costing in Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers this functionality to manufacturers by capturing all costs when they occur and consolidating them in one location that is easy to access and manage-delivering a comprehensive view of production profitability.


Prerequisite: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone wishing to improve their understanding of job cost functionality


What you will learn: 

  • Learn how to effectively manage and track project change orders, subcontracts, subcontract documents, forecasts, forecast revisions, committed purchase orders, fixed assets and percentage of complete revenue.
  • Discover how to budget activity by project, job and four phases (phase, branch, detail and sub detail).
  • Discover how to better manage and track revenue and expenses, labor, materials, equipment, subcontractors, job data, billing and accounts receivable, change order management, contract administration and budgeting.
  • Understand the integration points between accounts payable, purchase orders and inventory and how job cost helps deliver shortened billing cycles and improved cash flow.
  • Aggregate all unlinked job cost data into a single job bucket by using the graphical linking tool with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Link transactions from anywhere in the system to a job to capture the true cost of the job.
  • Automatically perform variance analysis per job.
  • Assign unlimited revenue and expense codes to jobs within the system, allowing for more detailed financial analysis of each project.
  • Enable your people to identify where and when to capture costs up front, avoiding the possibility of double-booking costs.
  • Discover how multiple divisions can work on creating create a single contract with multiple jobs and track project-level costs, billing and revenue over multiple divisions.






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