Equipment Management


Solutions built to enhance efficiency, track information, control costs and deliver service at the highest level

Duration: 1 day


Equipment owners must control operational costs and expenses in order to realise the highest level of return on their investment. EMS solutions allow companies to manage costs by enabling employees and streamlining process. Having access to information is critical to the success of equipment and fleet managers. You can make timely and accurate purchase, disposal, allocation, and maintenance decisions when you understand the complete financial position of your equipment.


Prerequisite: Windows knowledge


Who should attend: Anyone wishing to improve their understanding of Equipment Management series functionality


What you will learn: 

  • As part of Equipment Management Series the Equipment Manager tracks costs and financial details, summarises key data such as service expenses, schedules equipment for periodic maintenance and delivers extensive reporting capabilities
  • Increased efficiency - Scheduled maintenance utilities alerts, flexible pricing choices, equipment options, attachments and links to documents and pictures helps to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction
  • Flexible Planning - The ability to create scheduled maintenance plans by equipment type or ID and by hours and/or days gives users the ultimate flexibility in generating maintenance schedules
  • Increased technician productivity - Understanding technician utilisation and billing trends helps you to maintain a productive workforce. Managing skill levels and customer preferences eliminates missed assignments and rework
  • Reduced downtime - An accurate and detailed service history allows you to track equipment and component breakdown trends and take preventative action
  • Equipment Allocation - Equipment availability queries provide complete visibility of assets and equip Project managers to make better business decisions based on real-time data
  • Superior financial analysis - Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management tools includes multiple options for reporting, analysing and publishing financial information
  • Simple yet powerful inventory planning tools, accurate order tracking and a greater awareness of vendor discount opportunities help keep inventory under control and profitable
  • Additional benefits include linking equipment purchasing, streamlining the equipment rental process, a full integration between the sales process and the Equipment Manager, control over the movement of equipment fleets, tracking attachments related to a piece of equipment and managing preventative maintenance plans.
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