Sun5.4/Sun6 Year End Processing


Duration: ½ Day


Prerequisite: Knowledge of SunSystems Financials.


Who should attend: SunSystems Administrators/Accountants and those responsible for the maintenance of SunSystems.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Starting the new financial year
  • Performing a Ledger Cleardown
  • Creating new budgets
  • Adjusting the Asset Register


Course Content - Year End Processing for SunSystems v5.4 & v6


Starting the New Financial Year

  • Understanding the concepts for starting a new financial year
  • Amending date and period restrictions
  • Running through the processing steps to start a new financial year
  • Creating budgets for the new year


The Asset Register

  • Clearing Fixed Assets
  • Recalculating Asset Values
  • Clearing Asset Transactions
  • Areas to consider
  • Ledger Cleardown

Overview of the Cleardown process

  • What transactions are cleared?
  • Removing or archiving transactions
  • Consolidating Analysis on Cleardown
  • Year Cleardown
  • Ledger Cleardown Processing Steps







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