Sun5.4/Sun6 Systems Administration


Duration: 1 Day


Prerequisite: No knowledge of SunSystems is assumed.


Who should attend: Those responsible for maintaining the system such as IT personnel and the SunSystems System Administrator.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Assist in development of a strategy for implementing facilities such as security and general systems maintenance for SunSystems and its companion software.


Course Content - Systems Administration for SunSystems v5.4 & v6


Introduction to SunSystems 5.4 & v6

  •  Overview of SunSystems
  •  Logging into SunSystems
  •  Navigating around SunSystems
  •  Changing passwords
  •  Creating a Favourites group
  •  Working with SunSystems Forms and multiple functions
  •  Working with multiple business units
  •  Accessing SunSystems help
  •  Logging out of SunSystems

 Global Security and User Manager

  •  Understanding the global security framework
  •  Working with User Manager
  •  Managing the security policy
  •  Creating SunSystems Administrators
  •  Using the Operator Activity Monitor


Creating and Maintaining Users and Operator Groups

  • Defining new SunSystems users
  • Creating operator groups
  • Defining miscellaneous permissions
  • Defining Function and Action permissions
  • Using menu designer


Data Access and Auditing

  • Creating and applying data access groups
  • Auditing global security


 General SunSystems Maintenance

  • Maintaining the ledger setup
  • Creating budget ledgers
  • The SunSystems Super User
  • Clearing locked users
  • Handling a systems crash
  • Reserialising SunSystems
  • Business Unit Backup and restore


Q&A Maintenance

  • Overview of Q&A Security
  • Creating Q&A user profiles and users
  • Allocating Vision users
  • Clearing locked Q&A users
  • Reserialising Q&A

 Companion Product Maintenance

  • Reserialising companion products
  • Functional Security
  • Data Set Security
  • Creating Users

 Working with Forms

  • Using form designer
  • Checking out a form
  • Using the form designer tools
  • Performing a local compile
  • Checking in a form
  • Editing form permissions



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