Sun5.4/Sun6 Accounts Receivable


Duration: ½ Day


Prerequisite: Knowledge of Windows and basic accounting. An understanding of internal processes would be advantageous.


Who should attend: Any users who are associated with dealing with customers.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent to:

  • Navigate around SunSystems
  • Create and maintain customer details
  • Enter customer invoices using ledger entry
  • Perform the accounts receivable cycle
  • Allocate transactions
  • Perform on-line inquires
  • Print relevant reports

Course Content - Accounts Receivable for SunSystems v5.4 & v6

Introduction to SunSystems

  • Overview of SunSystems
  • Logging into SunSystems
  • Navigating around SunSystems
  • Changing passwords
  • Creating a Favourites group
  • Working with SunSystems Forms and multiple functions
  • Working with multiple business units
  • Accessing SunSystems help
  • Logging out of SunSystems

Creating and Maintaining Customer Details

  • The Accounts Receivable Process Flow
  • Creating new customer accounts, address and contact details
  • Defining and applying payment terms
  • Analysis within SunSystems

Processing Customer Transactions

  • Entering customer invoices using Ledger Entry
  • Performing a customer inquiry


Allocation Processing

  • Overview of allocation options
  • Allocation markers used for Accounts Receivable
  • Using Account Allocation to match invoices to payment received
  • Using Transaction Matching to match invoices to payments received
  • Performing on-line allocations to match invoices to payments received

Payment Reports

  • Producing customer ageing reports
  • Generating debtor statements








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