iPOS End User


Duration: 1 Day


Prerequisite: An understanding of the purchasing process. Knowledge of Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer.


Who should attend: Users who will be using iPOS in their purchasing process.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in:

  • Creating and modifying requisitions 
  • Submitting requisitions for approval
  • Approving requisitions
  • Returning and rejecting requisitions
  • Generating purchase orders via Control Desk
  • Modifying, viewing and searching for purchase orders
  • Printing purchase orders
  • Resending purchase orders
  • Receipting of goods
  • Modifying, adding and deleting lines on goods receipts
  • Entering invoices
  • Matching invoices to existing purchase orders
  • Approving and rejecting invoices
  • Modifying, adding and deleting lines on invoices
  • Disputing lines items on invoices
  • Matching disputed lines to credit notes


Course Content - iPOS End User for SunSystems

Introduction and Overview

  • iPOS browser

Requisition Entry

  • Creating a requisition
  • Creating a requisition for non-stocked items
  • The advanced view of the requisition screen
  • Recalling and modifying requisitions that have already been submitted for approval
  • Submitting requisitions to an exception authority
  • Searching for a requisition

Requisition Approval

  • Approving a requisition
  • Returning a requisition

Control Desk

  • Generating a purchase order
  • Viewing existing purchase orders
  • Resending a purchase order
  • Searching for purchase orders

Goods Receipting

  • Searching for items available for goods receipting
  • Receiving goods
  • Receiving partial deliveries
  • Audit trails

Invoice Entry

  • Matching an invoice to an existing purchase order
  • Entering additional costs
  • Correcting invoice and purchase order differences
  • Correcting Coding Errors
  • Entering an invoice without an associated purchase order
  • Matching multiple invoices to a single purchase order
  • Disputing invoice lines
  • Matching disputed lines to credit notes
  • Matching a single invoice to multiple purchase orders

Invoice Approval

  • Approving invoices
  • Withholding invoices
  • Returning invoices

Administrative Features

  • Amending passwords
  • Amending the default database/business unit
  • Creating Favourites
  • Re-assigning approval items
  • Adding organisational specific help
  • Viewing the To-Do List


  • Creating a requisition for an asset

Multi Currency

  • Creating a multi currency definition







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