iPOS Admin


Duration: 2 Days - offered as customised training


Prerequisite: An understanding of the purchasing process and SunSystems. Knowledge of JET (Journal Entry Thin). Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer.


Who should attend: Purchase Order System Administrator and Purchasing Managers, who are also responsible for iPOS Administration.


What you will learn: At the completion of this training session participants will be competent in the following:

  • Configuring the system profile and defining global settings e.g. Budget Checking, Printers, Periods etc.
  • Creating users, groups and group profiles
  • Creating approval groups, requisition and invoice approval matrices
  • Creating posting rules, transaction rules and posting rule options as part of the Ledger Interface between iPOS & SunSystems  
  • Creating item records, catalogues and templates
  • Supplier setup within iPOS and SunSystems
  • Linking items to suppliers
  • Locations setup
  • Internal (delivery) addresses
  • Discussions about XML matching and XML file outputs
  • Understanding how the setup of the data in iPOS Administration has an effect on the iPOS Browser


Course Content - iPOS Admin for SunSystems


Introduction and Overview

  • Introduction to iPOS
  • The iPOS Browser
  • Logging into iPOS Admin
  • Navigation


Working with Users, Groups and Group Profiles

  • Introduction to users, groups and group profiles
  • Create and define new iPOS users
  • Creating user groups & profiles
  • Defining requisition profiles
  • Creating distributions
  • Report folders

Working with Items

  • Overview of items
  • Defining units of measure
  • Adding an item
  • Linking an item to a supplier
  • Creating & maintaining catalogues
  • Creating & maintaining templates
  • Item grouping
  • Item analysis hierarchy & Q codes

Working with Suppliers

  • Creating supplier records
  • Grouping suppliers

Working with Addresses & Locations

  •  Addresses within iPOS
  •  Creating a delivery address
  •  Defining a default delivery address
  •  Grouping addresses locations

Managing the System Profile

  • Global setting and the system profile
  • The corporate address book
  • Corporate email
  • Accounts
  • Custom labels
  • Transaction analysis & analysis defaulting
  • Workflow
  • Period table
  • Printer profiles

Managing the Approval Process

  • The approval process
  • The approval hierarchy
  • Defining up approval groups
  • Setting up requisition and invoice approval matrices
  • Setting up administration authority matrices

Managing iPOS Postings

  • Configuring the ledger interface between SunSystems and iPOS
  • Creating posting rules, transaction rules and posting rule options
  • Working with assets


iPOS Security

  • User security
  • Functional security

Multi Currency

  • iPOS Multi Currency processing


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