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87% say RFPs don’t uncover any hidden value for the business

“Unless your tender or RFP is compelled by explicit compliance requirements, such as public sector directives, you may be wasting a lot of your and other people’s time and money driving a system selection process that is not actually in your best interests.”

The typical software solution RFP is a paper mindset in a digital age. It doesn't make sense for modern business and hasn't for years. Unless you are buying a commodity, don't go to RFP.

But don't take it from us - here is what Forbes has to say:
"Unpaid work, Disorganised, No partnership, Unfair assessment, Defocussing, Too many respondents, No guarantee for anyone"

Read the Forbes article if you don't believe us.

93% of solution providers think RFPs are a waste of their time

Most RFPs for IT projects are just a way for people to hide behind process and shirk responsibility. The practice of business consulting has boomed on its willingness to prop up the facade and diffuse the accountability. For most business consultants an RFP is a cow to be milked with both hands

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