Hit a Bulls-eye with your Intranet is a free Whitepaper produced by Professional Advantage. The Whitepaper is based on PA's highly successful Target your Organisation's Intranet seminar, held in September 2014.


While there are countless Intranet success stories in the worlds of business and government, the fact remains that many fall short of expectations. And some such projects fail altogether. There are many reasons why an Intranet project fails, however research has revealed that they all centre around four key contributors: People, Technology, Information and Communication.


This 14 page Whitepaper, which includes practical workshop scenarios, focuses on Intranet projects, how they can fail, and what you can do to avoid common pitfalls and make your next Intranet project a huge success.


From initial planning through to the post go-live phase, the Whitepaper takes you step-by-step through the best practices you should follow.



Areas covered in the Whitepaper include:


  • The case for change - how to set the stage for a successful Intranet right from the outset.
  • The importance of planning and scope - what's involved and how to go about it properly.
  • Defining the right information architecture - determining the ways in which Intranet users will store and find information.
  • Building the right governance structure - creating an Intranet committee, defining a governance roadmap and following through on the plan.
  • Encouraging end-user involvement - the importance of project buy-in from employees, project sponsors and other key stakeholders.
  • Driving and sustaining user adoption - strategies that can be applied to ensure the Intranet project meets its user adoption targets.
  • Intranet benefits and best practice - a discussion of the four key functional drivers of most Intranet projects: Collaboration, Communication, Actions & Processes, and Information Management.




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