The reports below are live interactive business intelligence visualisations enabled by Power BI.

We recently surveyed Australian business professionals for our first How digital is your workplace survey. We asked respondents about business intelligence tools and intranets, short-term IT priorities and their biggest challenges to moving to a digital workplace in 2016.

This Microsoft Power BI demonstration breaks down our findings using fully interactive visualisations. Drill down into the questions to learn more about the responses to our survey. Read on to discover how we did it. 

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How we did it

If you haven’t heard of Power BI, it’s a self-service business intelligence tool that makes it easy to visualise and understand data. As you can see in the above demonstration, Power BI transforms raw information into compelling data stories that are simple to understand, share and action.  

With Power BI, you can see exactly what’s happening in your business at any time. It takes just minutes to get started creating personalised dashboards and reports that can be accessed from any device.

See Power BI in Action

Like what you see?

Existing Microsoft Office 365 customers can get started with Power BI almost straight away. Office 365 provides native access to real-time, on-demand reporting when you need it most.

If you’re ready to take the next step, choose a Microsoft partner with the expertise and experience to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Professional Advantage is one of Australia’s top Microsoft partners. Our expert consultants specialise in designing, deploying and supporting business intelligence and analytics solutions that get results – every time.


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