Threat Intelligence

Detect cyber threats in real-time

Cybersecurity incidences and threats have grown exponentially over the past few years in terms of occurrence and severity. Prevent your organisation from being one of the next cybercrime victims by being able to proactively detect threats before they cause damage.

Advanced Threat Analytics is an on-premises threat intelligence solution that protects your IT environment from sophisticated cyber security attacks based on behavioural analytics. It collects data based on what’s normal for your users and identifies the suspicious user or device activity.

Key Features & Benefits

Use behavioural analytics to detect threats

Use behavioural analytics to detect threats.

ATP is a cut above many traditional IT security tools. With a proprietary algorithm that can learn and profile your users’ behaviours, it can understand how they use your servers, folders or directories to detect abnormal or suspicious activities in your network.

Adapt to the changing nature of your users and business

Adapt to the changing nature of your users and business.

ATP is powered by Machine Learning that can detect normal pattern changes in your users or devices and can adjust accordingly.

Focus only on priority alerts that have impact on your organisation

Focus only on priority alerts that have impact on your organisation.

ATP’s simple attack timeline provides you with a view of the abnormal or questionable activities along with a set of recommended actions.

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