Mobile Security

Secure access to data on any device

Employees want the productivity benefits that come from working on any device, while organisations want to be sure that their data is protected. However, any IT administrator knows that keeping corporate data safe on unsecured mobile devices is a challenge. Support mobile productivity and security in one solution using Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that enables you to keep your people productive while protecting your data at the same time, allowing you to manage apps and data be it on iOS, Android or Windows devices. Using Intune ensures that your employees use apps and devices that comply with your company’s security requirements.

Mobile Security

Why embrace mobile security

While mobility pumps up productivity, it also comes with inherent risks. Devices that get stolen or lost or connect to an unsecured network pose security challenges to a business. With cyber threats becoming more advanced and persistent, more organisations are embracing mobile security because of these benefits:

1. Stay in control of your corporate data regardless of the device or operating system.

2. Help employees stay secured and productive at the same time.

3. Set policies and rules based on your business’ security needs.

Key Features & Benefits

Mobile application management and protection

Mobile application management and protection

Allow granular control of Office 365 and other applications, restricting access if users log in from an unenrolled device.

Mobile device management and protection

Mobile device management and protection

Protect both company- and employee-managed devices, even third-party such as contractor devices or public kiosks. Allow device lock, data encryption, passcode reset or fully wipe out information remotely from stolen, lost or retired devices.

Stay productive and secured at the same time

Stay productive and secured at the same time

Your people can stay productive wherever they are, using either company issued or their personal devices, be it on iOS, Android or Windows—without having to worry about staying compliant with your security requirements.

Unified console to manage devices

Unified console to manage devices

Manage servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices from a centralised portal and allow detailed reporting on hardware and software configuration. You can define policies in this portal so you can update security, scan PCs for malicious software, and much more.

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