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Protect your critical data in the cloud with Cloud App Security

Today’s multi-device, highly connected workforce introduces both benefits and drawbacks. While your company may not be in the cloud, your employees surely are and they are probably using cloud apps that are not even approved by your IT team to get things done. This is more popularly known as Shadow IT. It’s a balancing act to allow your people to stay productive while protecting your sensitive corporate data. With Microsoft Cloud App Security, you can do both!

Cloud App Security brings visibility, data controls and threat protection to your cloud apps, uncovering Shadow IT and allowing you to control and protect data even in third-party apps.

Key Features & Benefits

Discover all cloud apps in use in your organisation

Discover all cloud apps in use in your organisation

Uncover all apps used by your users from all devices, including Shadow IT that can compromise your data’s security with Cloud Discovery. It will also provide you with risk scoring and ongoing risk assessment and analytics.

Get granular control in real-time

Get granular control in real-time

Information Protection built-in into Cloud App Security helps you to granularly control and set policies for data sharing even with sanctioned apps (under Shadow IT) in real-time.

Detect unusual user activities and threats

Detect unusual user activities and threats

The behavioural analytics in Cloud App Security helps you to identify high-risk usage or detect abnormal user behaviour to prevent threats.

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See Cloud App Security in action

Watch this 20-minute video to see how applying Cloud App Security in an enterprise application such as SharePoint can ensure the safety of your documents and files.


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