Minimise inventory stock while maximising your inventory availability

Professional Advantage developed Retail Analytics and Merchandise Planning (RAMP) to give retailers insight into their performance and resolve their biggest dilemma - minimising inventory stock while maximising inventory availability.

Questions RAMP can help you answer:

  • What is the fastest/slowest moving item by month?
  • How are sales performing vs budget?
  • What are the sales trends by time of the year by location?
  • What is the current stock shrinkage?
  • Who are the highest performing sales people?
  • What is the current stock holding valuation?


Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Shortened reporting cycles help increase speed and quality of decision making
  • Interactive ad hoc queries allow managers to react faster to changes and fine tune their decisions
  • Automated reporting reduces manual effort required to generate company performance information

Integrated reporting across multiple sources & stores

  • Single reporting system with integrated external data sources, such as ERP or WMS, provides a unified view of the business
  • Automated generation of KPIs provide additional insight into company performance
  • Greater visibility on company performance leads to better forecasting and budgeting

Reliable inventory management

  • Minimised excess inventory stock and maximised inventory availability
  • Cash savings by transferring inventory from slow moving stores to faster moving stores
  • Optimised inventory mix in store by reduced in store stock-outs and buying only what sells

Open to Buy

  • Improved control of buyers' budget spending and inventory carried, and minimal effort required to gather information by buyers
  • Improved visibility reduces effort in planning inventory requirements
  • Allows for greater control over inventory

 System generated suggested store transfers and purchase orders

  • System's business intelligence reduces effort required in planning inventory requirements
  • System flexibility allows buyers/merchandise planners to modify, delete or add to system generated purchase orders and store transfers

Vendor management

  • Centralised view of merchandise vendor information
  • Increased efficiencies of supplier-driven processes
  • Increased power of price negotiation
  • Improved supplier relationships

Enhanced ordering, transfer and replenishment functionality

  • Greater control over products and inventories
  • Reduced markdowns


  • Retail Analytics & Merchandise Planinng (RAMP)


It is important to us at Professional Advantage to support a product that we designed and developed. All of our RAMP customers will be part of our SupportPlus where they can expect high quality support.

SupportPlus Fast Facts

  • Over 80% of support cases are closed in 2 working days
  • Support Staff have over 6 years customer support experience each
  • Fulltime dedicated resources certified in Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • No case is closed until written confirmation is received
  • Free value adding services - webinars, user group meetings, newsletters
  • Online Support Centre for self service