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SharePoint solutions designed for the unique needs of your industry.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges for the construction industry is staying within budget and on schedule. Having complete visibility during each stage of a project and managing unforeseen changes and delays can help avoid profitability loss. Having the right technology in place can help your construction business to overcome this challenge.

We have worked with several construction companies in addressing problems around:

  1. Effectively managing subcontractor agreements and operations.
  2. Optimising tasks, resources, and schedules for efficient project completion.
  3. Ensuring a single version of diagrams, drawings, and schematics used by field engineers or architects.
  4. Centralising project-related information and making it accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

If you are using Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), you already have the technology available to overcome the above challenges. You can start by modernising how you communicate and collaborate internally with a SharePoint Intranet.

SharePoint Intranet Designed for the Construction Industry

SharePoint is an excellent platform for content management and collaboration. But do you know what another great thing about it is? It can be configured and customised to suit the needs of the construction industry.

Equipment or Subcontractor Registers

Project Schedule and Reports

Keep track of resources, tasks, and budgets, and simplify project management with a central project hub in your SharePoint environment.

Trade Knowledge Base

Trade Knowledge Base

Keep your competitive advantage by storing your trade secrets, best practices, and toolbox talks in a single knowledge base centre using SharePoint.

Safety Messages and Alerts

Safety Messages and Alerts

Drive awareness and communicate site safety precautions using either specific project team sites or company-wide announcements.

Equipment or Subcontractor Registers

Equipment or Subcontractor Registers

Ensure the safety of your equipment by keeping track of it or utilise subcontractor registers using an editable SharePoint list.

Site Diary

Site Diary

Record your field engineer’s daily site activities on the go using a mobile-ready form on SharePoint.

Site Induction

Site Induction

Automate your site induction checklists using a SharePoint Task List and monitor its status in real-time.

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Quickly locate and find the contact information of your people across your various offices with an online Staff Directory.

Drawing Versioning

Drawing Versioning

Keep an audit trail of who last revised your drawings, diagrams or schematics with SharePoint’s built-in versioning capability.

Are you exploring SharePoint for your construction business?

Whether you want to take your file shares to the cloud, automate your paper-based processes, or completely transform the way you communicate and collaborate, we can help you.

With Professional Advantage as your partner, you don’t have to look for separate providers to handle your license, implementation, customisation, and support of your SharePoint environment. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Content & Collaboration, Cloud Productivity, and a Tier 1 CSP Partner, we are in a prime position to take care of all of these aspects for you. As a multi-skilled Microsoft partner, we can also integrate various solutions available in Microsoft 365 so you can further maximise your investment and harness the power of SharePoint.

We have a 30-year track record of modernising the construction industry’s workplaces; some of the more recent clients we have helped are:

Mainbrace Construction
ADCO Construction
Red Eye Construction
BlueCHP Limited

“There is nothing more dangerous than a subcontractor working on our site off the wrong drawings. Now we have a platform that provides us with absolute certainty that all subcontractors are looking in the same location [using Microsoft SharePoint].”

Angus Greenwood, Systems and Innovation, Mainbrace Constructions

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Better together

 Your digital transformation doesn’t stop with a cloud-based corporate portal on SharePoint.; this is just the beginning. Combining SharePoint with our recommended solutions below will help you to streamline project management, safeguard your sensitive corporate data, and improve project visibility.

Project Management

Project Management

Record your field engineer’s daily site activities on the go using a mobile-ready form on SharePoint.

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Information Protection

Keep your business secrets from walking out the door. Safeguard your data in SharePoint against cyber threats and malicious insiders by having a comprehensive identity and data protection solution.

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App Development

Develop apps, automate repetitive tasks, or use conversational bots to modernise the way you operate your construction business—all while using no-code to low-code technology.

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Reporting and Analytics

Combine data from hundreds of sources so you can better analyse your business’ performance. Publish and visualise executive dashboards right in your SharePoint Intranet portal.

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