Microsoft Business Intelligence

Leverage your existing Microsoft technology to boost your business productivity

With your existing and familiar Microsoft products you can gain insights from your data to make it easier to work faster and smarter.


At Professional Advantage we can help you put your company's most valuable information to work using familiar products to empower your users to better analyse, collaborate and present data.


With Microsoft Business Intelligence we can provide you with the knowledge of how your business is performing and deliver:

  • more accurate business decisions and revenue forecasts
  • up to the minute view of your company's health
  • reduction of costly overheads
  • sales information that allows for more strategic marketing decisions
  • increased operational efficiency

Let us help you leverage your existing Microsoft technology to help you get the information you need to predict your business's future trends.


Microsoft Business Intelligence at a glance

  • Data Warehousing
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Dashboard Reporting & Analytics
  • Business Perfomance Management
  • Business Scorecards
  • Data Mining


With any data, from anywhere, in any size we can provide you with insight for everyone with the following:


Microsoft Office


Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel has long been the standard for collecting and analysing data to make decisions. Microsoft Excel 2010 has many new and improved features to help you visualise data, access workbooks through mobile devices, plus new options for collaboration.


Microsoft PowerPivot:

Microsoft PowerPivot is an add-in to Microsoft Excel 2010 that takes advantage of the familiar functionality and features in Excel to allow you to process billions of rows at the speed of thought. Microsoft PowerPivot also allows you to share and collaborate through Microsoft SharePoint 2010.


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows you to share and collaborate on data from multiple sources within a single browser. With interactive graphics you can make your data easier to understand at a glance and shareable across your organisation.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server delivers organisations a platform to build and deploy secure, scalable and manageable business intelligence solutions.


  • BI - What is it? Why do you need it?


  • Microsoft Business Intelligence

Providing our customers ongoing support is a key part of our business at Professional Advantage.


All of our Microsoft Business Intelligence customers can expect high quality support services through our SupportPlus program.


SupportPlus Fast Facts

  • Over 80% of support cases are closed in 2 working days
  • Support Staff have over 6 years customer support experience each
  • Fulltime dedicated resources certified in Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • No case is closed until written confirmation is received
  • Free value adding services - webinars, user group meetings, newsletters
  • Online Support Centre for self service