How can you cancel an order in iPOS if it is not needed?

There are a number of ways to do this and it depends upon what you want to happen.


If you want to bring the requisition lines back to a status of being an 'Approved Requisition' as long as no lines on the order have been processed, then you can click on the 'Recall' button.


If you want to cancel the order completely then you can select to 'Delete' the order (or an individual line on the order). This is, of course, controlled by permissions and deleting an order can send an email to the supplier with your cancellation format.


You can create a goods receipt, load the order line/s onto the receipt, enter in a 0 quantity/amount and then select a split action of 'Cancel'. No cancellation format will be sent to the supplier but the order lines will be cancelled.


For clients on 5.8 there is the ability to now select multiple order lines in the Search screen, and select 'cancel line', this is permission driven of course, and the system will update the audit trail, set the line status to be deleted but won't email the supplier. This is useful for deleting old lines that the supplier may be confused about suddenly receiving a cancellation notice. Plus, if the order has been loaded onto a good receipt then, provided that the line hasn’t been loaded onto an invoice, then the goods receipt line is also cancelled at the same time.

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